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Complete IT Service Specialists

Maintain, improve or modernise your IT to meet the needs of your care home staff and residents.

Whether it is day to day IT support, saving money on phone calls with a VoIP system, help with your website, cabling, CCTV, better broadband or Wi-Fi all around your Home, we look after everything technical.

How we can help your Care Home

IT Support

From looking after your devices and those that use them to keeping everything up and running; our sophisticated monitoring and support means we are alerted to an issue, and fix it, before it even becomes a problem. Experts ensuring you have trouble free IT so you can concentrate on what you do best.

We always aim to provide support remotely wherever and whenever possible. Sometimes though, it just needs a safe pair of hands on-site, one of our team can normally be onsite anywhere in Sussex, Surrey, Kent or London within a few hours too.


We ensure that our customers are protected with our business class anti-virus. Our expertise covers setting up firewalls to your needs, web content filtering and checking to ensure you have no other areas of security weakness.

Wi-Fi & Wireless Networks

Meeting the needs of new more technically minded residents, who might want to use their own smart TV services, perhaps you’re seeing more residents with their own iPads or smart phones; we can setup Wi-Fi for everywhere in your Home.


We can look after and monitor every piece of equipment that makes your IT work. From computers, Pads, Smart TV’s, Wi-fi dishes, phones, switches routers and servers. Our customers have told us it’s so much easier to phone one number and have anything and everything IT resolved. 

VoIP Telephones

Our market leading service saves money on traditional landline costs and saves on call costs too. We can configure how you want incoming calls managed as well as provide desk phones and portable phones that can be carried around the home and work on Wi-Fi. You’ll enjoy crystal clear calls as well as crystal clear savings.


Never worry about losing a document again! We can provide an off-site backup of your files, folders and email so even if something has been deleted we can recover it. This also provides a useful service in conjunction with our security service to mitigate the risks of viruses or ransomware.


We can either look after an existing CCTV system or provide a new one suitable to your needs. We introduced this service a few years ago to help Homes with a one-stop-shop service.


We have helped many care homes reduce their ethernet cabling needs by providing Wi-Fi around the home, some IT hardware just needs cabling though. Our teams can provide a no cost no obligation estimate and advice for any cabling needs you may have.


There are more ways to get great broadband than ever before, we even have a customers running their whole service from a 4G sim card because the broadband available was so poor in their area. Whether it’s just advice, a business broadband, fast fibre or a dedicated broadband line, we can help with the best advice.

Website Services

Our team can help with the design, build, maintenance and or hosting of your website. We can also help with contact forms, improving SEO or one-off marketing should you want to fill a room quickly.

Our Care Home background

Craig Warren and Jason Frazer founded IT Engine in response to organisations wanting an easier end-to-end IT service, with everything provided from just one call, for anything and everything technical.

Craig has helped organisations get the best from technology since 1994, having worked at various technical houses and banking institutions. Jason is IT Engines Technical Director and has held senior IT roles across a wide range of sectors over the last twenty years. Two common themes led Craig and Jason to innovate customer service and set up IT Engine. Firstly, the technology available nowadays to monitor and support customers has never been easier and better. Secondly, the trend for IT customer support needs changed over recent years, customer calls were more technical than ever before. Craig and Jason saw first-hand that customers had already conditioned themselves to turning devices off and on again, so why was the IT industry still focussed on a filtered helpline, starting with ‘turn it off and on again’ structure. A structure that many customers said was infuriating to have to keep going through the same steps when they had either done that already or knew it to be a deeper technical issue. We think the answer was simple; get straight through to an expert, thus resolving what needs doing quicker and easier. IT Engine was born. 

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